Ultraviolet Transmitting Filters

Hoya Ultraviolet Transmitting Visible Absorbing Filters are nearly black in color and transmit the ultraviolet region but absorb the visible. They also transmit slightly in the near infrared region.

The glass type figure represents the wavelength that provides the maximum transmittance. These filters are chiefly used for single extraction of ultraviolet rays, and are often utilized for selectively transmitting the 253.7 nm and 365 nm wavelengths, which are the representative line spectra of mercury lamps.

U-325C provides the longest life and lowest solarization in the industry. They are used for a wide range of applications that include analytical instruments and illumination equipment.

  • U-330 330nm Ultraviolet equipment 2.5mm
  • U-340 340nm Ultraviolet equipment 2.5mm
  • U-360 360nm Ultraviolet equipment 2.5mm