Sharp Cut Filters

Sharp cut filters include 15 types, ranging from L-37 to R-66. The L, Y, O and R symbols represent Colorless, Yellow, Orange, and Red tones of filter color respectively. The numerals used to classify the glass types indicates 1/10 the corresponding transition wavelength.

Since the filters L-42 to R-68 are of "striking glass", the spectral characteristics of the filters will vary even if the striking temperature is controlled.

According to the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS B 7113 "Sharp cut filters" are defined as "Filters that cut off as much as possible of the wavelength light shorter than a specific wavelength, while transmitting as much of longer wavelength light as possible, within a wavelength range of 350nm to 800nm."

Available Sharp Cut Filters (for general photography use):

  • L-37 370nm 2.5mm
  • L-38 380nm 2.5mm
  • L-39 390nm 2.5mm
  • L-42 420nm 2.5mm
  • Y-44 440nm 2.5mm
  • Y-48 480nm 2.5mm
  • Y-50 500nm 2.5mm
  • Y-52 520nm 2.5mm
  • O-54 540nm 2.5mm
  • O-56 560nm 2.5mm
  • O-58 580nm 2.5mm
  • R-60 600nm 2.5mm
  • R-62 620nm 2.5mm
  • R-64 640nm 2.5mm
  • R-66 660nm 2.5mm