Infrared Transmitting Filters

Infrared-transmitting filters absorb most of the visible region and transmit the infrared region. They include the R and IR series, which sharply cut off part of the infrared, the RM series, which smoothly and gradually cut them off, and the RT series which band-pass the infrared region.

They are widely used in light sources for such purposes as infrared warning systems and night-vision equipment.

  • R-70 700nm 2.5mm
  • R-72 720nm 2.5mm
  • IR-76 760nm 2.5mm
  • IR-80 800nm 2.5mm
  • IR-83 830nm 2.5mm
  • IR-85 850nm 2.5mm
  • RM-90 900nm 2.5mm
  • RM-100 1000nm 2.5mm
  • RT-830 Highest trans 830nm 2.5mm